Cotton Candy stockings
Cotton Candy stockings
Cotton Candy stockings
Cotton Candy stockings

Cotton Candy stockings

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Color: pink with white.

Storage: 70% cotton; 27% of polyamide; 3% elastane.

Terms of use: We recommend wearing stockings under the belt.

Description: Cotton Candy stockings are filled with thin yarn in the color of sweet pink cotton wool, which is a manifestation of romantic feelings in all lovers.

There are 2 stockings in the set. Made in the texture. Complemented by an embroidered logo on the back of the right stocking stock.

On the model: size 2. Model parameters: height 174 cm, waist 58 cm, thigh volume 90 cm, thigh volume 50 cm.

The new line is produced at the Italy's factory in a family, which has been creating hosiery for world brands for more than 70 years.

We are very proud that now our brand produces products where with extensive experience, trepidation and love is created a cool product for you.

The collection is made of Zero eco-bone, which corresponds to the Sustainable Fashion format and is not cough and reusable washing.

- hand washing at a maximum temperature of 30 °;
- do not bleach chlorine and other bleach;
- the product cannot be squeezed and dried in the washing machine;
- dry cleaning of the product is prohibited;
- It is recommended to dry the product on a horizontal surface.

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