Triskelion. Triple A Black Belt
Triskelion. Triple A Black Belt

Triskelion. Triple A Black Belt

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Color: black

Storage: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

Description: The belt is supplemented with six storage holders and hooks.

Landing at the waist. The belt can be worn over clothing as an accessory.

  • Hand wash at a maximum temperature of 20°;
  • it is recommended to dry the product on a horizontal surface.

All charming beginnings start with a story...and a bit of  courage. The story of Shur Shur began with bold and bright colors - it was an inspiration, a journey, an experience, the joy of creation, and the thrill of contemplating the result - women at SHUR SHUR.

I have long dreamed of creating a collection that would become as the foundation for the revival of the tradition of wearing stockings in daily life, but I went the other way, for the sake of fun - that’s why the vibrant Shur Shur emerged first. And I never regretted it. Now, it's time for another, especially meaningful to me, line.

The inspiration for each of my creation always starts with a muse - a woman.

It’s my grandmother. Mother and daughter. Sister and friends. Me.

And many more women united by Shur Shur.

These are not «festive stockings". These are Shur Shur, created to celebrate a lifetime. And its main event is you!

With your victories, achievements, moments of falling, rises, and even burning out.

Celebrating love and farewell, a sunny day and the first snow. This is life, it is diverse, chaotic,  but despite it all – wonderful when you fill it.

Triskelion. Triple A collection is created in timeless colors. For any weather, at any age and for any style, without looking for an excuse.

It’s your talisman of womanhood, perfection, independence and strength.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

If you haven't tried breaking stereotypes with Shur Shur yet, this line is designed to take that first bold step!

Catch this moment. Do it together with us.

Shur Shur Packing

• The belt is packed in a branded pink box.
• At all stages of production and stay in stock, they are touched solely in gloves.
• The first aroma for Hug Me stocking is applied to the box.
• To order is attached to care recommendations.


It’s not stockings - It’s SHUR SHUR

SHUR SHUR is a Ukrainian luxury stockings brand founded in 2018 by Anna Sawchuk. Our mission is to revive the tradition of wearing stockings in everyday life: in any weather, for any occasion, at any age, and for any style. We don't have to wait only for special occasions: our stockings are designed to grace your legs at every moment in your life.

At SHUR SHUR, we believe that true luxury lies in the details. We're more than just a brand - we're a caring companion that strives to make every moment magical.

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