Refund policy

Do you remember that you have the right to have the first contact with our lingerie and stockings? We adhere to many rules and limitations to build this intimate connection during your first encounter with our products. That's why we cannot exchange or return them.

Stockings, tights, socks, and garters are part of intimate apparel. Yes, even if they sometimes playfully peek out from under your clothes or serve as an accent in your outfit. Therefore, they are not eligible for returns or exchanges due to the intimate nature of the product.

During your first contact, our products mold to your form, and we simply cannot transfer them to someone else.

If you receive a pair of stockings in the wrong size, they will stay with you. We kindly ask you to find them a home as we have already invested our resources, both natural and human, into them.

Let's address two possible situations:

Scenario #1: If you chose the wrong size stockings on your own, we cannot guarantee you compensation or a discount. Our consultants are available from 9 am to 9 pm to guide you regarding size and fit.

Scenario #2: However, sometimes mistakes happen. If we advised you on a size that didn't fit, we will gift you a pair in the correct size. Spoiler alert: this rarely happens.