Shur shur stockings are intimate. Nobody touches them with their bare hands but you (unless, of course, you let them).

As a gift, it's an original and thoroughly thought-out present which includes a card, eye-catching packaging, and a luxurious product with its signature scent.

We have created the first ever perfum for stockings. Forget about ordinary stockings because now you have stockings with a unique scent.

Our stockings are inspirational. You can find inspiration on how to wear Shur Shur by following this hashtag #shurshurcouldbehere. If you feel like sharing your look behind the wheel (while safely parked), then visit #shurshurisdriving.

We hope you enjoy these stockings as much as we enjoyed making you happy.
Shur Shur is a Ukrainian luxury stockings brand founded by Anna Sawchuk in December 2018.

The brand's mission is to renew a tradition of wearing stockings in our daily life. Stockings can be enjoyed at any age, with any style, for any season and reason.

A key value for Shur Shur is attention to the smallest detail. And we do care about details, which shows in the quality of our product.

The packaging is all about creating desire. Shur Shur packaging is like a jewelry box where you can keep the most precious things like the first Polaroid photos of you child or your silk scarf that reminds you of your first date. But feel free to use your imagination! Ideas for use can be found in the brochure we put in every box.

The talisman logo, embroidered on the back of the right leg, can symbolize almost magical powers to bring your confidence, independence, and perfection to your look. Wear them for all of life's important moments, business deals, dates, and they will make your day.

"I hope you will savor our brand the way I savored the creation of these stockings for you"
Anna Sawchuk