The basis of our logo is a triskele, an ancient Celtic sign with a magical meaning that gives its owner the perfection, independence and female power.

The history states that the Celts used to live in the territory of Latvia, where Shur Shur products are manufactured.
"I hope you will savor our brand the way I savored the creation of these stockings for you"
Anna Sawchuk
Shur Shur is a new Ukrainian stocking brand, founded in September 2018 by Anna Sawchuk with the goal of bringing belt stockings back to everyday life.
The upper rim of stockings has a contrasting color hidden from curious eyes, whereas the main color matches the dress code. The brand pays special attention to product quality and production process.
To produce and pack one pair of stockings we go through over 20 operations made by 20 different contractors. Moreover, before a client opens the stockings, they are touched only in white gloves.
"As a child, I loved hugging my grandmother's legs, because they always smelled of powder and vanilla. This was a special connection, the thing I wanted to reproduce in our stockings," tells Anna, the brand founder, "That's why Shur Shur stockings have a special fragrance we recreated."