Public Offer Agreement

Revised on April 14 мая 2019 года

Public Agreement (Offer) on the usage of services on the website


An Agreement is a public agreement on the use of services on the website.

A Website is an online website with the domain name

A Seller is Individual Entrepreneur Anna Vasylivna Savchuk. Bank and contact details are at the end of the Agreement.

A Buyer is an individual, a visitor to the Website who placed an Order for Goods for personal needs.

An Order is a duly completed request of the Buyer for the purchase and delivery of Goods.

Goods are stockings, stockings products and accessories, offered for sale on the Website.

Chapter 1. General Provisions.

1.1. The acceptance of the terms of the Agreement shall be equivalent to an agreement signed between the Seller and the Buyer. By making an order for the Goods, the Buyer accepts the terms and conditions of using the Website specified in the Agreement. If the Buyer does not agree with the terms and conditions, he / she shall stop using the Site.

1.2. The provisions of Ukrainian legislation shall apply to the relations between the Buyer and the Seller. The Goods and the Agreement, presented on the website, shall be a public offer in accordance with articles 633 and 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

1.3. The Seller shall have the right to amend the Agreement unilaterally, by placing a new version of the Agreement on the Website without additional notification of the Buyer. The new edition comes into force from the date of publication on the Website, unless otherwise specified in the Agreement.

1.4. The Seller shall have the right to assign (or otherwise transfer his rights and obligations) to the third parties.

1.5. The Website may be temporarily, partially or completely unavailable due to some works or for any other reason of a technical nature without notification of the Buyer.

1.6. If some provisions or clauses of the Agreement become invalid or unlawful, then such provision may be excluded from the Agreement and replaced by a new provision. Moreover, such a change shall not cause revision of the Agreement or invalidation of the entire Agreement.

Chapter 2. Goods.

2.1. On the Website goods, which shall include, namely, stockings and accessories are available for purchase. In case of absence of the Goods, the Seller is entitled to exclude such Goods from the Order and notify the Buyer thereof by email or telephone, specified by the Buyer.

2.2. The basic information about products and photos shall be provided on the Website. The photos shall be illustrations for the Goods and may differ from the actual appearance of the Goods. The Seller may provide additional available information about the Product at the request of the Buyer.

2.3. The Seller may unilaterally change the price of Goods, specified on the Website. The right does not apply to ordered and already paid Goods in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

2.4. The price of Goods delivered outside the territory of Ukraine shall not include payment of brokerage or customs fees, services or other fees established by the law of the country, where the Goods shall be delivered.

Chapter 3. Ordering Goods.

3.1. The Buyer can make a request for the purchase and delivery of Goods, which are available and showed on the Website. The Seller sets a minimum amount of purchase of Goods and indicates it when the Buyer makes an Order.

3.2. An Order shall be made electronically through the "Cart / Your order" on the Website. The Buyer, after receiving Product information on the Website, shall chose the Product at his / her own discretion, click the "Buy / Order" button. In the "Cart/ Your order" the Buyer shall personally verify correctness of choice of the Goods, fill in the information about himself / herself, delivery address, delivery date and payment method, and make an order by clicking on the button "Order / Make an order".

3.3. The Buyer shall be solely responsible for providing false or inaccurate information, which led to impossibility of the Seller to properly fulfil its obligations to the Buyer.

3.4. In the event of change of the Product price, the Seller shall contact the Buyer through the indicated contact details to confirm the order or to cancel it. In case of impossibility to contact the Buyer, the order may be considered cancelled.

3.5. An Order may be cancelled by the Buyer until the moment of payment and actual delivery of Goods, in case of non-receipt of Goods by the Buyer and absence of the payment for the Goods within the agreed period.

Chapter 4. Payment for the Goods.

4.1. The price of Goods shall be indicated in UAH in accordance with FCA (INCOTERMS 2010).

4.2. The price of Goods shall not include any commission and additional fees of banks or payment systems. The Buyer pays such fees and at its own expense. The amount of such commission or additional fee shall be reported by the respective bank or payment system.

4.3. The price of Goods may be changed by the Seller unilaterally under the conditions specified in the Agreement.

4.4. Payment for the Goods shall be carried out in the form of 100% advance payment to the bank account specified by the Seller.

4.5. The Seller shall have the right to make discounts on Goods. The terms of discounts shall be indicated by the Seller and may be changed by the Seller unilaterally.

Chapter 5. Delivery of Goods.

5.1. Delivery of Goods may be carried out by a courier or postal service, as the Buyer may choose, including "Nova Poshta" postal service, by courier or to the branch of the corresponding postal service.

5.2. The terms of Goods delivering in Ukraine shall not exceed 5 business days, but in any case terms of delivery, determined by the relevant postal service, shall be considered.

5.3. The cost of delivery shall be paid by the Buyer individually, according to the fees of the corresponding postal service. The order of delivery and opening of the Goods shall be determined by the postal rules established in the legislation of Ukraine and corresponding postal service. The Seller shall have the right to pay for the delivery of Goods to the Buyer in case of Goods order for the corresponding amount. The amount of the Order shall be determined by the Seller at his/her own discretion and shall be indicated when making an Order.

5.4. When receiving the Goods, the Buyer shall check the Goods for the type, completeness and quality of the packaging, presence of defects on the packaging. In case of inconsistency, the Buyer may reject the Goods only by means of a relevant act, concluded by the representatives of the postal service. In other cases, the return of the damaged Goods shall be carried out with the consent of the Seller. Return of Goods for any other reason shall be carried out in accordance with the Chapter Guarantee and Return of Goods hereof.

5.5. The moment of transferring ownership of the Goods shall be the moment of delivering Goods and signing by the Buyer or the person specified in the Order of the documents confirming delivery of Goods. At the time of transfer of ownership, the Seller shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligations under the Agreement.

5.6. Delivery of Goods is a separate service, which shall not be an integral part of the Goods. Purchase of the Goods with delivery does not give the right to demand delivery of Goods at the warranty service and / or replacement of the Goods and shall not give the right to return the cost of delivery in case of the right to return the Goods.

5.7. When ordering from outside Ukraine (international delivery), the Seller (representative of the Seller) shall contact the Buyer and agree on the possibility of such delivery, cost and time.

5.8. The Goods ordered by the Buyer on the Website for international delivery may be subject to import taxes, fees, VAT and restrictions on import into the country of receipt, specified by the Buyer. Presence of the above shall be a personal responsibility of the Buyer. The Seller shall not count on the Website and it shall not compensate such expenses of the Buyer.

Chapter 6. Guarantee and Return of Goods.

6.1. The Buyer shall have the right to reject Goods and terminate this Agreement within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt, except for the Goods that are not subject to exchange and return in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 172 as of March19, 1994 "On the Implementation of Certain Provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" with amendments and additions. Such Goods shall include, but are not limited to, underwear.

Chapter 7. Confidentiality and Personal Data.

7.1. The Seller collects and processes the personal data provided by the Buyer independently during the Order in accordance with the Law of Ukraine No. 2297-VI "On Protection of Personal Data" as of June 01, 2010, and the Agreement.

7.2. Personal data shall be collected and processed in order to provide Buyers with access to the Website and process purchase Orders, provision of information (including promotional materials), and other actions related to such purposes.

7.3. Privacy and personal data under the Agreement shall apply exclusively to the Website. When entering any third-party websites (including third-party services), the Buyer shall be guided by the privacy policy of the respective service.

7.4. The Buyer shall indicate the last and first name, an email, phone number, address of delivery. The rest of information shall be provided by the Buyer at his / her own discretion in the comments to the Order. The Buyer shall individually verify authenticity of the information provided.

7.5. The Seller shall have the right to send promotional messages, information related to promotion of the Goods, information materials about the Goods and services of the Seller, events and promotions.

7.6. The Seller shall have the right to transfer personal data of the Buyers to the third parties if such transfer is required for Seller to fulfil its obligations under the Agreement and to protect the rights or freedoms of the Seller or third parties if the Buyer breaches the terms of the Agreement.

7.7. The Buyer shall have the right to refuse to receive promotional and other information to the email, specified in contact details on the Website. The Buyer shall have the right to request information about processing of his / her personal data by the Seller. The Seller shall provide such information within 30 calendar days.

The Seller

Individual Entrepreneur Anna Vasylivna Savchuk

Address: 4 Pylypivskyi Lane, office 21, City of Kyiv, 04050


Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal data are data or a set of data on an individual that is or can be identified (also the "Subject of Personal Data").

Controller (Owner) of Personal Data: Individual Entrepreneur Anna Vasylivna Savchuk, 50 Zolotoustivska Str., apt. 45-B, City of Kyiv, 01135.

Tel.: +38 (097) 931-98-94




This policy shall apply in cases where Individual Entrepreneur A. V. Savchuk acts as the Controller (Owner) of the information related to the personal data of our clients, their employees, users of our Website and other persons whose personal data we process.

Which personal data we collect and how we use them

We may process the following data:

Contact details:
1. Name and Surname.
2. Contact phone number.
3. Email.
4. Delivery address.
5. Company and position, other personal data, indicated in the signatures under the emails that we receive.

We use this data to ensure registration of an account on the Website, proper management of work with clients, for customer communications (their employees), to store records of such communications, to inform customers and promote our products and services. This may include sending messages, distribution of promotional, marketing and other service information; sending informational, promotional and marketing materials, commercial offers, etc.

Legal grounds for personal data processing

We may process personal data, in particular on the following legal grounds:

● consent of the Subject of Personal Data to processing (including the consent provided by the Subject of Personal Data when registering on the Website);
● when data processing is required for the agreement execution with the Subject of Personal Data or to take necessary measures before entering into an agreement upon request of the Subject of the Personal Data;
● legal interest of the Controller (Owner) of personal data (proper administration of the website and business, proper management of work with clients, execution of orders of clients, communication with users and clients, promotion of our business and informing clients and other people about our activity).

The period of personal data storage

We will store your personal data as long as it is needed in order to achieve the purposes of collection and processing, or within the specified period of data storage, if provided by applicable law. After that, your personal data will be deleted, blocked or made anonym in accordance with the applicable law.

If you withdraw your consent to the processing your personal data, we will promptly delete your personal data without any delay, to the extent of collected and processed personal data on the basis of a revoked consent.

If you use the right to delete your personal data, we will remove your personal data that we have processed for the purpose you objected without any delay in case of absence of any other legal basis for processing and storing such data or requirement to store such data in accordance with the applicable law.


The subject of personal data shall have the right to:

● know the location of the personal data database containing its personal data, its value and name, location and / or place of residence (stay) of the Controller (Owner) of personal data or its manager, except in cases stipulated by law;

● receive information about the terms and conditions for granting access to personal data, including information about third parties to which his personal data are transferred;

● receive information on whether its personal data is stored in the relevant personal database and to receive the contents of its personal data stored in such personal data database along with some additional information. Such additional information shall include information on the purpose of processing, categories of relevant personal data and recipients of personal data;

● receive its personal data, provided to the Controller (Owner) of personal data in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format (where the processing is performed by automatic means) and transfer such data to another controller (owner) (in case of technical feasibility);

● file a motivated request to the Controller (Owner) of personal data with objections against processing its personal data or to require processing restrictions;

● file a motivated request for amending or destruction of its personal data by any owner or manager of such personal data, if such data are processed illegally or untruthfully, or due to other reasons provided by law;

● protection of its personal data from unlawful processing and accidental loss, elimination, damage due to intentional concealment, failure to provide or untimely provision, as well as to protection against providing information that is unreliable or cause damage to honour, dignity and business reputation of a person;

● file claims to supervisory bodies (public authorities or local self-government bodies, whose authority includes protection of personal data, or in court);

● use remedies in case of violation of legislation on personal data protection;

● make reservations about restricting the right to process its personal data when giving consent;

● withdraw consent for personal data processing;

● be informed about the mechanism of automatic personal data processing;

● be protected from automated decision making that may have legal implications for a person.

Consent for receipt of information on the Controller (Owner) of personal data:

By marking the box "Add to the cart", the Subject of the personal data gives its consent to receive any information about the activities of the Controller (Owner) and acknowledges that the Controller (the Owner) has the right to provide to the Subject of the personal data any information without any prior consent by means of electronic communication.

You will always be able to unsubscribe from newsletters and information (via links in newsletters, personal settings on the Website or by sending a corresponding request by other means).

Age restrictions

Registration on the site is allowed only to persons aged 16 or older, or in case of a written permission provision by the person, who exercises parental authority over the child.

Automated decision making

We do not use automated decision making, including profiling, when processing your personal data.

Persons to whom the data may be transferred

Your personal data will not be transferred to any third parties. Your personal data will only be used by representatives of the Controller (Owner) within the limits set by the data processing purposes.

The Controller (Owner) guarantees that processing of your personal data will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and international treaties of Ukraine. The Controller (Owner) provides a high level of protection for your personal data from third-party interference or misuse.

Further be advised that the Controller (Owner) is not responsible for protection of your personal data when visiting other websites through the links on the Website of the Controller (Owner).