SHUR SHUR is a Ukrainian luxury stockings brand founded in 2018 by Anna Sawchuk. Our mission is to revive the tradition of wearing stockings in everyday life: in any weather, for any occasion, at any age, and for any style. We don't have to wait only for special occasions: our stockings are designed to grace your legs at every moment in your life.

At SHUR SHUR, we believe that true luxury lies in the details. We're more than just a brand - we're a caring companion that strives to make every moment magical.

Our unique talisman triskelion, thoughtfully embroidered on each right stocking, carries a profound meaning. Its three branches symbolize perfection, independence, and strength. With SHUR SHUR, you have your very own talisman, watching over you and ensuring your day is as remarkable as you are.

Anna Sawchuk, the heart and soul behind SHUR SHUR, pours her passion and creativity into every design. She believes in the power of well-crafted stockings to elevate your confidence and style. "I hope you will enjoy wearing our brand as much as I enjoy creating it," Anna says, reflecting the love and care that goes into each pair of SHUR SHUR stockings.

We developed the first stockings perfume, adding a new dimension to the products. Our innovation combines the classic elegance of stockings with a distinctive and enchanting scent, taking your stocking experience to a whole new level. In a world where stockings were once just a fashion trend, we have turned them into an olfactory delight, offering you a unique scent when worn. In intimacy. No one touches the stockings without gloves, except you. 

Join the SHUR SHUR community, where every step you take is a statement of elegance and confidence. Embrace the timeless charm of stockings in your everyday life. At SHUR SHUR, we are crafting a lifestyle #sureSHURSHUR

It’s not stockings - It’s SHUR SHUR