Checkmate knee socks
Checkmate knee socks
Checkmate knee socks
Checkmate knee socks
Checkmate knee socks
Checkmate knee socks

Checkmate knee socks

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Color: Black with blue

Storage: 60% alpaca, 35% polyamide, 5% elastane

The Golfs of the FW 2023 collection are made in a semi -tumped texture, made of certified RAS alpaca yarn, with a diamond pattern applied with a perforation method.

Complemented by an embroidered logo-char being on the back of the right golf.

The new line is produced at the Italian factory in a family, which has been creating hosiery and crack products for world brands for more than 70 years.

We are very proud that our brand produces products where with extensive experience, trepidation and love create a cool product for you.

  • Delicate washing at a maximum temperature of 30 °;
  • Do not bleach chlorine and other bleach;
  • Pressing and drying in the washing or drying machine are prohibited;
  • Dry cleaning is forbidden;
  • Do not iron;
  • Drying in a horizontal position.

When the day did not go, even the little thing can push you beyond. The alarm did not work, did not have time to smear, was late for the meeting, and forgot the sneakers for training.

It is so interesting that minor things can affect us so globally. Instead, what if such power will have little victories, not little trouble? In our new The Winner collection, we strive to find the grandeur of the little victories that we will celebrate with you. Let everything be as easy as playing in cross-towns.

Release the intact selection from the grass, remember the password to the mail, accidentally take a cool photo. Do not lower in the difficult period of the hand. To inspire positive changes. Give a chance to small victories make great accomplishments.

Stockings from this collection are designed to always remind you: "You are the winner."

On each of the models, we made a perforation in the form of cross-downs to remember that life is a game. And little victories should not be depreciated. Instead, they should be marked.

Therefore, let little victories be the beginning of your great accomplishments!

Certification and uniqueness of yarn:

RAS (Responsible Alpaca Standard) - certifies the use of alpaca fibers from stable farms to manage the animal protection zone.

Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS) is a standard that was designed to ensure the well -being of Alpak and to increase the ecological sustainability of the alpacist industry.

RAS standard covers issues such as herd management, animal care, maintenance, nutrition, animal health, and environmental issues related to environmental conservation.

The RAS certificate can be assigned to alpacist farms that meet its requirements.

Shur Shur Packing

• Golf is packed in a branded pink box.
• At all stages of production and stay in stock, they are touched solely in gloves.
• The first aroma for Hug Me stocking is applied to the box.
• A brochure with brand history and care recommendations is added to the order.


It’s not stockings - It’s SHUR SHUR

SHUR SHUR is a Ukrainian luxury stockings brand founded in 2018 by Anna Sawchuk. Our mission is to revive the tradition of wearing stockings in everyday life: in any weather, for any occasion, at any age, and for any style. We don't have to wait only for special occasions: our stockings are designed to grace your legs at every moment in your life.

At SHUR SHUR, we believe that true luxury lies in the details. We're more than just a brand - we're a caring companion that strives to make every moment magical.